TVO Kids airs this series in Canada.

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For people who have a 'series record' set to 'first run only', despite showing earlier "original air dates" from the preceding year, several episodes will record as a "first run" detected at ~12:30pm EST from Monday to Friday during at least the first two weeks. This means that this is the first date TVO ran it but that it has earlier OAD info from some other station. These include:

  • June 8th Project Basketball oad 04 oct 2019
  • June 9th Project Shoelaces oad 27 oct 2019
  • June 10th Project Riding Lesson oad 20 oct 2019
  • June 11th Project Moth and Project Frog are listed together, OAD 10 nov 2019
  • June 12th Project Toolbox oad 17 nov 2019
  • 29/30 and July 1/2/3 missing titles (TBA)


1/2/3 missing as above

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