Kits are items used by the Floogals in the series, and Rank is the relative position, value, worth, complexity, power, importance, authority, level, etc. of a person or object within a ranking.

List of Kits Edit

Kit Name Owner Ability
Floogalzooger MK1 Captain Fleeker Floogal Shoots a rope for swing, grab and save floogals.
Flipjib Tablet First Officer Flo Floogal Scanning and experiments.
Observation Glasses First Officer Flo Floogal Used for have a closer view of actions.
Helmet Microphone Junior Floogal Boomer Recording sounds that Boomer hears.
Backpack Junior Floogal Boomer Save things inside it.
Floogalzooger MK5 Captain Fleeker Floogal (in the future) Probably an upgraded ability, more than the Floogalzooger MK1.

List of Ranks Edit

Rank Name Floogal in the Rank Fact
Captain Captain Fleeker Floogal The captain of the team, with the captain's guidance, the floogals can achieve anything.
First Officer First Officer Flo Floogal Work as scientist and scanner, also experimenting with the captain sometimes.
Junior/Trainee Junior Floogal Boomer A low floogal rank, Boomer shows to be a good junior-ranked/trainee-ranked floogal.
Boss Floog Tell the team what to do.
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