Project: Popcorn is the 28th episode in the first season of Floogals. Its is the twenty-eighth episode overall

"Project Popcorn"
Season 1, episode 28
Production code: 128
Airdate: March 2016
Produced by: Ceri Barnes
Andrew Beecham
Michael Carrington
Georgia Dussaud
Kristofer Updike
Music By: Sandy Nuttgens
Spike Scott
Cast By: Ceri Barnes
"Project Tent"
"Project Dusting"

Summary Edit

Movie Night just got even cozier! The Floogals discover how popcorn is made when they accidentally trigger the popcorn machine in the kitchen. Our team have to fix the avalanche of popcorn flooding the kitchen before they can settle down with the unsuspecting family to share movie night.

Characters Edit

Floogals Edit

Hoomans Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time which the hoomans see a movie.
  • This is the fifth time the floogals bump into each other.
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