Project: Leash is the 7th episode in the first season of Floogals. It is the seventh episode overall.

"Project Leash"
Season 1, episode 7
Production code: 107
Airdate: January 23, 2016
Produced by: Ceri Barnes
Andrew Beecham
Michael Carrington
Georgia Dussaud
Kristofer Updike
Music By: Sandy Nuttgens
Spike Scott
Written by: Corey Powell
Douglas Wood
Cast By: Ceri Barnes
"Project Baby"
"Project Puzzle"

Summary Edit

By observing the family dog's excited behavior each time Dad Hooman takes down his leash the Floogals set out to confirm their assumption it it's indeed a magical device that makes you happy.

Characters Edit

Floogals Edit

Hoomans and Animals Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first major role of Scrofie and the Cat.
  • The Boy, Girl and Mom Hooman are absent in the episode.
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