Project: Balloon is the 3rd episode in the first season of Floogals. It is the third episode overall.

"Project Balloon"
Season 1, episode 3
Production code: 103
Airdate: January 28, 2016
Produced by: Ceri Barnes
Andrew Beecham
Michael Carrington
Georgia Dussaud
Kristopher Updike
Music By: Sandy Nuttgens
Spike Scott
Written by: John Loy
Douglas Wood
Cast By: Ceri Barnes
"Project Tortoise"
"Project Trumpet"

Summary Edit

When the Floogals encounter a balloon that's intended for the Girl Hooman's birthday party they think it's a monster - it's ten times bigger than them with a giant face!. In investigating it further, Fleeker must conquer his fear to return the balloon to the little girl.

Mission Report: Balloon

Today we encountered a not at all scary thing on earth called a balloon. They do not frighten brave Floogals such as myself. Oh no no, no, no, no. But they sure are floaty and bouncy and fun. We learned that balloons are made of a stretchy rubber material so they can fill with air and used that stretchiness to get bigger and bigger and become pretty colorful globes that Hoomans use to decorate happy events. Balloons are super light when they're filled with air, and they whirl around when you let the air out. Oh, and they make a funny squeaky sound when you rub them, like this. (Balloon squeak) S1 Ep4

Characters Edit

Floogals Edit

Hoomans and Animals Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Its revealed that Girl Hooman has been 4 years old before this episode.
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