The Project is a work that the Floogals do through the series, Each project is released in every episode, In the projects, the Floogals have to test, use and investigate the objective of the project, The projects are currently about objects, foods, beverages and human types and animals.

List of Season 1 Projects Edit

Project Name Project Objective Episode
Project Ice Ice Project Ice
Project Tortoise Tortoise Project Tortoise
Project Balloon Balloon Project Balloon
Project Trumpet Trumpet Project Trumpet
Project Flashlight Flashlight Project Flashlight
Project Baby Baby Project Baby
Project Leash Leash Project Leash
Project Puzzle Puzzle Project Puzzle
Project Bubbles Bubbles Project Bubbles
Project Halloween Halloween Project Halloween
Project Mirror Mirror Project Mirror
Project Banana Banana Project Banana
Project Sleepover Sleepover Project Sleepover
Project Clock Clock Project Clock
Project Helicopter Helicopter Project Helicopter
Project Toothbrush Toothbrush Project Toothbrush
Project Washer Dryer Washer Dryer Project Washer Dryer
Project Glue Glue Project Glue
Project Rubberbands Rubberbands Project Rubberbands
Project Sand Sand Project Sand
Project Boxes Boxes Project Boxes
Project Egg Hunt Egg Hunt Project Egg Hunt
Project Caterpillar Caterpillar Project Caterpillar
Project Clay Clay Project Clay
Project Garden Hose Garden Hose Project Garden Hose
Project Piano Piano Project Piano
Project Tent Tent Project Tent
Project Popcorn Popcorn Project Popcorn
Project Dusting Dusting Project Dusting
Project Seeds Seeds Project Seeds
Project Rollerskates Rollerskates Project Rollerskates
Project Picnic Picnic Project Picnic
Project Rabbit Rabbit Project Rabbit
Project Painting Painting Project Painting
Project Singing Singing Project Singing
Project Record Player Record Player Project Record Player
Project Table Tennis Table Tennis Project Table Tennis
Project Robot Robot Project Robot
Project Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Project Birthday Cake
Project Mail Mail Project Mail
Project Magnet Magnet Project Magnet
Project Ring Ring Project Ring
Project Umbrella Umbrella Project Umbrella
Project Bandages Bandages Project Bandages
Project Vacuum Vaccum Project Vacuum
Project Jewelry Box Jewelry Box Project Jewelry Box
Project Vacation Vacation Project Vacation
Project Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil Project Aluminum Foil
Project Hamster Hamster Project Hamster
Project Pencil Pencil Project Pencil
Project Rainbow Rainbow Project Rainbow
Project Kite Kite Project Kite
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