This is a list of bloopers and fails seen in Floogals.

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Name Description
Fall Fleeker falls with his Floogalzooger MK1, at the end of the furniture.
Sticky Ice Cube Boomer tries to get out his tongue of the ice, but ends with his feet stuck.
Bottle Cap Catch Fleeker, Flo and Boomer were playing with a bottle cap as frisbee, when Fleeker tried to catch it, he fell in the floor.
Glass Door Boomer knocks on the door, as he thought there was no glass.
Feet on Ice Boomer slides with his feet stuck in ice.
Trumpet Hole Fleeker gets stuck in Boy Hooman's trumpet.
Tongue on Ice Boomer has his tongue stuck in ice.
Water of Bubbles When Boomer fell in bubble water, he slips twice.
Pushing When Fleeker stops running, Flo pushes him and then Boomer pushes Flo.
Bubble When Boomer tried to pop a bubble near the sink, he fell in foam.
Tongue on Ice Again After reporting the Ice project, Boomer has his tongue stuck in ice again.
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