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Floogals (also called The Floogals, sometimes misspelled The Floogles) is a preschool Sprout television series developed by UK Independent production company The Foundation from an original idea by Dan Good (Waybuloo). Production took place in London during 2014 and 2015 with all CGI animation by Jellyfish Pictures. Floogals Series 1 is a Foundation/Zodiak and Nevision co-production for Sprout .

It also airs as part of Discovery Kids (Latin America), Hop! Israeli Childhood, Knowledge Network, NBC Kids, Spectrum Film Indonesia, TVO Kids, Pikkukakkonen of Yle Finland, and Chester Hadentie Network. The show launched on January 23, 2016.

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Listen to the Floogals theme song and meet the tiny alien explorer friends, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer!
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Floogals has 52 episodes at this time, Coming soon!, working in Season 2 and near of finish Season 1.
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Sprout, A sponsored channel about Floogals TV series, Make some games for the series, The first games are: Floogals Frenzy, Floogals Maze Adventure, Floogals Mission and Mission From Floog.


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The Floogals Wikia is a wikia dedicated to the Sprout Show, The Floogals, which first aired in January 18-23, 2016, The Show features 3 main protagonists, they are: The brave captain floogal Fleeker, The clever scientist first officer floogal Flo and the junior floogal/trainee of the group Boomer, they are reporting Projects to their boss Floog and the planet about the hoomans' interactions.

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