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Fllas Theme Song or Floogals Sing-A-Long is the main song in the intro of “Floogals.”

Floogals Theme Song

Release Date:

November 5, 2015 (Normal)
April 6, 2017 (Lyrics)

Sung By:




Listen to the Floogals theme song and meet the tiny alien explorer friends, Captain Fleeker Floogal, First Officer Flo Floogal, and Junior Floogal Boomer!

Lyrics of “Floogals Theme Song”:

Zooming in from Outer Space

To see what we are doing

Tiny little astronauts

Ready to get to it

Intergalactic scientists

Earthbound on a mission

They're the brightest of the best

A team of Friends upon a Quest

All aboard they send Reports

Of Projects, they are doing

Question and Investigate

There is nothing to it

Make a guess and do your best Gathering the Data

Find out Floogals, Go!

They're a band of Cosmic friends

Tiny happy aliens

Blast off to another World

Secretly exploring

When they land upon the Earth

Nothing's ever boring

They might've landed in your Room

Be testing in the Kitchen

Or exploring in the Bathroom

Have you noticed Something missing?

It's another undercover

Super secret day

Experimenting all the way they think our planet's really Great

Here come Fleeker, Boomer, Flo

Adventures everywhere they go

So check your Room for Cosmic Friends

Tiny happy aliens

They're Floogals 3, 2, 1 Let's Go!

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