Quote1 I'm Coming, Silly Slime! Quote2
--Fleeker in various occassions

Captain Fleeker Floogal (simply Fleeker) is one of the three main protagonists introduced in Floogals (episode Project Ice).


In Project Bowling he mentions "tough is my middle name"

Looks Edit

He is a purple male floogal, with blue floogal horns, and red uniform. His uniform and helmet can glow in darkness (revealed in Project Boxes). He has red, yellow and sky blue shoes.

Description Edit

Fleeker is a bit believed, however, He is the bravest in the group, but sometimes he gets scared (

boopboop boop boop boop) of the Cat and Scruffy, Fleeker is the second smartest floogal in the group, the first is Flo and the third is Boomer.

Gallery Edit

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