Quote1.png I'm Coming, Silly Slime! Quote2.png
--Fleeker in various occassions

Captain Fleeker Floogal (simply Fleeker) is one of the three main protagonists introduced in Floogals (episode Project Ice).


In Project Bowling he mentions "tough is my middle name"


He is a male Floogal with purple skin, blue Floogal horns (two on top of his head, two on the bottom), red-brown eyes, and red uniform. His uniform and helmet can glow in darkness (revealed in Project Boxes and Project Puppet Show). Like his friends, Flo and Boomer, he is always wearing his alien outfit. And his uniform, along with Flo's and Boomer's too, can transform into a diving suit so he can breathe and swim underwater. His uniform is red with two white belts (resembling military belts) and a Floogals logo on his chest, a red and white helmet, white gloves, and red, yellow, white, and sky-blue colored boots. He also has a camera on his helmet used for taking pictures, video, or getting a closer look at something. He also is seen a lot with his versatile, changeable, and hand-held tool, his Floogalzooger. He carries his Floogalzooger on his back, and can detach it so it can be used to retrieve objects, transport himself and his friends from one place to another, or transform it into different tools for different uses.


Fleeker is a Floogal Captain, or the team's captain. He's quite smart but is really vain and proud too. Sometimes thinking that his ideas are best or that he can do anything. He is really brave, and always ready to protect his crew. But he can be a little scared sometimes (he's really scared of the Cat, Girl Hooman's hamster, a balloon in Project Balloon, and Scruffy). He doesn't like showing he is scared though, usually blaming other things when he gets startled. There have been a few times where he's so scared he will jump into Boomer's arms. He's described as limitless because he has a bunch of abilities and is always determined to find an answer to a project. Fleeker is really agile and nimble. It is shown many times that he is able to dodge, sprint, and jump to escape being seen by a "hooman" (Due to the reason that the Floogals aren't allowed to be seen by hoomans, and have to keep their existence a secret). His agility is also shown whenever he saves his friends from falling, being spotted by a hooman, or any trouble. He can also use his Floogalzooger with astute accuracy. Like whenever he needs to project his body over a long distance, or when he was able to retrieve Flo's goggles in Project Flashlight, probably meaning that he is quite dexterous. He can also jump large distances and jump from high places too, so it's possible that Fleeker is quite fleet-footed too. Fleeker is the second smartest floogal in the group, the first is Flo and the third is Boomer. age: 36


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